a beach walk

Sometimes all it takes is the pungent smell of flowering milkwood on a summer morning, hushed voices in a forest, birdsong in a clearing, cicadas among the duneveld, for... Continue reading

a solitude of open spaces

The Richtersveld is uncompromising in its austerity. Its bare plains, washed in sunlight, stretch to the base of broad mountains rising over a thousand meters. During the summer the... Continue reading

adrift on a sea of grass

For miles there’s nothing to draw the eye – no rise or fall of land, no valley, no ridgeline, just broad-shouldered Kalahari horizons stretching as far as the eye... Continue reading

graves of the ancestors

By morning, a golden light like magma pours from the Zebra Mountains in the east. It flickers between the leaves of the fig and glances across the cool waters... Continue reading

the sound of mortars

The other Angola is found where the tar roads crumble, rut and decompose into a sandy tracks and where bridges collapse across the boiling rivers that criss-cross the country’s... Continue reading

a walk in the wild

Sand, rock, heat, water, stars.  These are the elements of the Cederberg, as immutable as time, as silent and enigmatic as space.  A world cycling and recycling carbon, silica,... Continue reading

in the footsteps of van der Post

Mulanje is the highest mountain in southern tropical Africa and one of the largest inselbergs on the planet. It gathers itself beneath Africa’s southern Rift and erupts abruptly to... Continue reading